4 Reasons To Call DadSons Automotive Centre For Any Service On Your Vehicle!


We fix on what is necessary. We’ll NEVER pressure you into getting additional work done.


All work is guaranteed for 3 years and 36,000 miles.


We use only the LATEST in diagnostic equipment to make sure your problem is fixed correctly


We’ll pick up/drop off your car for you! Focused on providing you the convenient vehicle care you deserve.

Our Services

We provide the following services for both DOMESTIC and FOREIGN cars.

Provide your car with the repairs it needs

It’s not often that you’ll get a total car care shop in Muncie or Delaware County. But you’ll absolutely find those services at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre. We’ll provide you with minor and major collision repair services. In fact, our facility is the only automotive body and mechanical shop that’s approved by AAA in the entire Delaware County. Give us a call today to discover the competitive prices you can take advantage of today.

Taking care of your auto body repair needs

At Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre, we’ll provide your vehicle with any insurance repair from a major or minor accident your vehicle may receive. Have your car directly towed to our convenient location to receive repairs.

Offering full auto body repair to you all year long

Our ASE/I-CAR Certified technicians will perform a complete damage appraisal for your vehicle and will contact your insurance company if needed. Also, we’ll order the parts and perform the repairs for you right in our shop! The paint that will be used on your vehicle is environmentally friendly and water-based for your safety. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation with our family-owned and operated auto shop.

Provide your vehicle a helpful tune up

If you’ve been noticing that your vehicle has been misfiring while on the road, it’s an excellent time to have it checked out by the ASE-Certified technicians available to you at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre. You’ll have your spark plugs, ignition wires, fuel filter, air filter and serpentine belt checked and replaced when needed to help get you back out on the road.

Providing your vehicle the maintenance it needs

By choosing Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre maintenance services, we’ll provide your vehicle with fuel injection cleaning, pressurized system checks, clean injectors and clean fuel rails.

Take care of your factory maintenance here 

Often times, your vehicle’s maker will recommend a specific maintenance plan to keep your vehicle in optimum shape for the maximum amount of time. At Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre, you’ll find an experienced staff that can take care of your 30, 60 and 90 thousand mile inspections to keep your vehicle rolling down the road smoothly.

Take control of your noisy brakes again

When you notice that your brakes are not stopping correctly, or they’re beginning to make an odd, squeaky noise, it’s likely time to have them replaced. Do not take your vehicle to just any repair shop. Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre is family owned and operated. We’re proud to mention that we’re in the business, since 1991. Contact us today to schedule a FREE estimate.

Own control over your brakes once again

If you’re beginning to notice that your brakes aren’t working like they once did, bring them to the shop that can replace your pads, resurface and replace your rotors, as well as provide your brake calipers with repairs.

Drive a vehicle you can trust down the open road 

At Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre, you’ll find an AAA certified auto repair shop that can replace your vehicle’s shocks, struts and alignment at the first sign of failure. Additionally, our experienced staff is more than willing to replace, balance and align your vehicle’s tires as well. Give us a call today to learn how you can receive a FREE loaner car with any service.

Make sure to keep up with your vehicle’s engine oil

When you reach the specific date or mileage recommended to have your engine oil checked, look no further than the skilled staff available to you at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre. You’ll have your oil checked and also have your oil filter changed promptly to get you back your car on the road safely and quickly.

Keep your vehicle as cool as you desire

Throughout the year, you may run into a difficult situation where your vehicle’s cooling system begins to overheat. If you do, trust in Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre to replace your water pump, thermostats or hoses when necessary. We’re also your one-stop shop for your body and mechanical repair needs.

Our team will pressurize your system for leaks, check your coolant level, and even flush / fill your cooling system if you need it.

A comfortable, chilly ride all summer long

With Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre, you’ll have your A/C unit’s pressure checked, evaluated and then recharged when needed. We can provide your old car with retrofitting through the use of Freon as well.

Prepare your vehicle for the cold winter ahead

The ASE/I-CAR Certified technicians at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre will appropriately pressurize your heating system and make sure that the blower motor is functioning appropriately. Also, they’ll make sure your vehicle’s coolant level is correct and that the active thermostat is functioning properly. Have your heating system assessed before the cold winter months, so you’re prepared for what nature throws your way!

Maintain your vehicle’s electrical systems

Most drivers know the feeling when your check engine light illuminates on your dashboard. Rather than leaving your engine up for potentially more damage, bring your vehicle to Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre and have it checked. Your car will be hooked up to our state-of-the-art diagnostic machine, which will provide a printout of codes to let us diagnose your system. Our technicians will then make the necessary repairs you need.

Are you not confident in your vehicle’s battery?

When you bring your vehicle to Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre, you’ll be assisted by a skilled staff of technicians.

We will check your dead or dying battery for any charging issues it may have.

Helping your vehicle get back to a healthy state

When you’re in need of a starter replacement, battery replacement, alternator replacement or a complete computerized engine analysis / repair, give us a call at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre. We will pay close attention to details. Our technicians have 8-10 years of automotive repair experience. Ask about our 10% discount offer for student, faculty and administration staff of Ball State University!

Drive a vehicle you’ll be proud of

Often times, you’ll hear a vehicle turn the corner around your home that makes an extremely obnoxious noise from the back of the car. This is often caused by having a damaged muffler that’s creating the loud and noisy sounds you hear. Trust in our technicians that on average have 8-10 years of automotive repair experience to make the necessary adjustments to your exhaust and emission system for you.

Take control of your exhaust system

Trust in the skilled technicians at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre to replace your muffler, catalytic converter, exhaust leak or tailpipe, when you need it.

A versatile automotive repair staff for you

At Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre, you’ll be bringing your vehicle to the only automotive repair shop in Delaware County that’s approved by AAA to perform both automotive repair and body repair services. Our ASE/I-CAR Certified technicians are able to service both foreign and domestic vehicles of any make or model, so feel free to call and schedule an appointment with us today!

Have faith in your transmission again

When you need transmission work done to your vehicle, bring it to Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre. We have a 9,000 square foot, 17-bay facility in Muncie, IN. At the first signs of your transmission slipping or your vehicle erratically shifting, schedule an appointment with us. We’ll resolve the issue with your transmission.

Keep your car riding smoothly

The technicians available to you at Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre will happily repair or replace your transmission promptly to get you back on the road.

Working on all types of transmissions for you

Family owned and operated since 1991, Dadsons Automotive & Collision Centre has the ability to work on both your automatic or manual (clutch) transmissions. Additionally, our staff is committed to helping prolong the life of your automatic transmission by providing preventative maintenance tactics such as flushing your transmission and providing it with a filter change.

Join our Car Care Club today!

Are you interested in receiving $633.00 worth of auto repair services for the LOW price of $119.95? Contact our skilled automotive technicians today to learn how you can start to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape throughout the year by becoming a member of our Car Care Club! Take a look below at some of the special savings you’ll receive by becoming an exclusive member of this automotive repair program.

Features of the Car Care Club Card include:

  • FREE – 2 Oil Changes (A $49.90 Value)
  • FREE – 2 Oil Change w/ Tire Rotation (A $79.90 Value)
  • FREE – Tow to Dadsons within Delaware County (A $60.00 Value)
  • FREE – Complete Wash & Vacuum (A $79.95 Value)
  • $40.00 off – Brake Repair, Front or Rear
  • 50% off – Minor Engine Tune Up Parts
  • 50% off – Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • 40% off – Exhaust System Repair
  • Only $44.95 – Coolant System Service (A $79.95 value)
  • Only $57.50 – Complete Fuel Injection Service (A $120.00 value)
  • Only $49.95 – Computerized Engine Analysis (A $79.95 value)

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Our Specials

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